Session six - Traveling to Ansbrukh


After the goblin attack, the heroes spent some time applying bandages and examining the corpses of their foes. The players spent some time debating the risks of trying to apply bandages without using sterile tools or healing poultices, and in the end, placed their bet on chance and applied the bandages without preparation. Mira did try to sanitize her tools by cooking some water and cooking the bandages before applying them. This gave them a minor bonus vs. the wound getting infected.

They did not find anything useful on the goblins and failed to trace their tracks back to where they might have their lair. So in the morning after having given it another search they continued onward to the landing south of Ansbruck. As they approached the landing, Dieter tried to steer the boat into position so they could unload all their supplies. Unfortunately, he rolled a critical glitch on his sailing check and ended up ramming the boat into the wooden structure of the landing. Both Mira and Frederic were thrown from the boat into the water and had to try to swim to shore. Frederic managed to get to shore but Mira had to be saved by her brother Otto. During this time Augustus had been sitting on the deck of the boat high on his drugs without giving to much information when asked. Several of the players where very suspicious of his behavior and Ludvig tried to ask about their destination and the purpose of their mission to get a sense of what Augustus's intent was. The crash in the pear didn't affect Augustus which further aroused suspicion. I played up the supernatural aspect of Augustus to give the players a sense of unease and push them towards a confrontation.

The heroes did some makeshift repairs on the pear to stabilize it and began offloading their supplies from the boat and onto the two mules. After they had finished packing the mules they still had a few hours of daylight left so they decided to head up into the mountains Along the way Mira managed to gather ingredients enough for a healing poultice and some local herbs for their supper. The heroes found an ideal campsite along the trail to Ansbruhk and decided to make camp there. 

After they had set up camp and they were preparing supper they decided to confront Augustus with their suspicions and the fact that de Mendosa was not with them. They tried to keep the golden sigil hidden for as long as possible. Augustus dodged many of their questions, giving answers which seemed motivated by greed. As the conversation went on some of the characters began to notice signs of deceit on Augustus's face and when Otto presented the golden sigil, Augustus shortly lost his calm and revealed the fragment of Tzeentch inside him. For a split second his eyes turned black and this face revealed a mask of horror and wrath. When the heroes saw this they instantly grabbed their weapons and attacked. Tzeentch took over Augustus's body and I gave him a number of modified spells to play with. It was a very tough battle but eventually, the heroes prevailed and Augustus was released from the grasp of Tzeentch.

We had a blast playing out the conversation between Augustus and the players, and when combat broke out the players didn't wait to spend both fortune and resolve points to stay in the fight. I am working on pages with the stats for each of the NPC's I have created and will update the posts with them as soon as I can.