Session four - Preparing to leave


We finally had a chance to play our fourth session. After the Kharisiri attack and losing the golden ward, the players were on their heels, but they quickly formed a plan to recover momentum. They now strongly suspected that de Mendosa is a Kharisiri and started the session by trying to find so they could confront him. They searched the backyard of Jost's home but couldn't find a proper trace of him and that made them very nervous. After this, they went back to The Heroes Hammer hotel to see if de Mendosa was thee, but after having bribed a maid she told them that they had only seen Augustus during the evening and morning.

The team then chose to focus on getting the golden ward back. They all agreed that they needed to make sure whatever they would find at the elven ruin, could not be allowed to get free and they need the ward to restore the protection that had been there previously. This meant convincing Konrad that they should not notify the church of Sigmar of all that's happened since it would be prevent the group from handling the situation on their own. Konrad being a very devote man considered visiting the church by himself but the others deducted this and diverted him by offering a separate task together with Otto. Ludvig and Dieter scouted out the temple and were convinced that they couldn't infiltrate it and they had a hard time finding a priest to bribe. In the end, they found an Inn where many of the priests frequently drank beer in the evening.

The group went to the inn and tricked a priest into owing them a lot of money by playing cards against him. While Otto was convincing him that the only way to get rid of the debt was to get the ward to the players Mira tried to acquire a holy symbol for Konrad who is an aspiring warrior priest. Without the knowledge of the others, she tried to seduce and get a priest to follow her outside, unfortunately, Reynard did not favor her and she did not succeed before the passed out on the table. She tried another who did not seem interested. 

Mira then tried another approach and accused Konrad of saying something inappropriate to her. She swung a beer mug at him missing him intentionally and hitting another priest. The priest's nose was broken but he did not pass out and flipped the table in anger. This quickly escalated into a full-blown bar fight which Mira and Konrad escaped with only a few bruises.

In the end, the priest they had tricked got them the ward and the party quickly prepared for leaving Meissen the next morning so they could escape before the theft would be discovered.