Session eight - Restoring the ward


We had our eights session which concluded the prolog of the campaign. The session started with the battle between the Kharisiri larva infested corpse and Dieter with his boat hook. The corpse was in a severe condition which inhibited its combat abilities and Dieter was using the large boat hook weapon which also gave him some difficulty but in the end, a very successful attack from Dieter ended the life of the lava in the head of the mummified corpse and they could continue their search for the area of the ward where a piece would be missing.

A short while later they found the section which was removed and the pool of decay and maggots which were seeping from the wall. They began investigating and tried to find a way to stand in front of the section where the piece has been removed without having to wade into the pool. When they found out that it was not possible they created a Molotov from their trappings and tried to set fire to the pool of maggots. This provoked the three Kharisiri larva in the pool and they burst forward to attack the party. This time it was Ludvig who was in front as he had constructed and thrown the Molotov. The maggots crawled up upon him and a desperate struggle to try and prevent them from entering his mouth ensued. In the end, the heroes managed to keep them from taking over Ludvig and they could wait until the fire from the Molotov died down.

The fire had removed most of the corruption and maggots, and the heroes could place their part of the ward where it belonged and seal the ward around the demon inside. They headed back and found the two Kharisiri in the sleeping chamber slowly decaying. They looted the room and headed towards the exit in the pit. When they reached the surface they found de Mendosa dead and decaying, no longer sustained by the influence of the demon in the temple.

We ended the session leaving the heroes with their mules loading the loot from the sleeping chamber and began to look forward towards the campaign. We spent some time talking about what they had envisioned for their characters and how they would spend the next 3 - 4 years. Several of the characters have reason to be in Altdorf when we begin the larger champaign and the rest will be invited by Reingard.

Each player has their own story which we will follow as we progress with the campaign and they have each been charged with writing a background which contains both an ally, an enemy and their long term goal. I aim to use these to personalise the campaign to this perticular group of heroes.

Following this I will write a post containing my thoughs on the prolog and both how I converted it and some of the experiences I had done.