Masks of Tzeentch #7


This session started with the players discussing what they were to do with their prisoner. The discussions ended with a decision to send Otto and Konrad to fetch Ottokar Hilsner and his watchmen the next day, before venturing to the grounds of the cult of the Silver hammer, which Konrad hails from. There they would deliver the prisoner to the orders Witch hunters. They rested uneasy and with a watch to make sure they were not surprised during the night, but nothing happened for the night. In the early hours of the day, Otto and Konrad ventured to the headquarters of the city watch in Reikmarkt Bezirk and met with Ottokar. They convinced him to bring some of his guards and help them escort the prisoner to the cult grounds in Domplatz Bezirk. They then walked to the docks where they picked up the rest of the group and the cultist in their possession and then headed to Domplatz Bezirk. Here they met with Luitwin Schuhbeck a witch hunter of the silver hammer, who knew Konrad in person. They plead their case to him and told him how they had captured the cultist in the theater and revealed the scaly skin they had discovered on his body. This instantly convinced the hardened witch hunter who called a couple of acolytes to take the cultist to the prison cells below the grounds. He promised to inform Konrad about what he could get out of the cultist when they were done with him.

When this was done Ottokar took his leave and headed back their HQ, and the group headed to the office of Wichman Leichlin (Carlton Ramsey) who they hoped could help them secure funds to rent the pawnshop next to the house of Kautsky. They were well received at the office and after some small talk, they described their predicament. Wichman wasn't impressed by their need for paying a gold coin and three silver in order to rent the shop for a month when they only needed it for a few days. He agreed to pay without a receipt if they could renegotiate the price to something reasonable for a week or so. But the players interpreted his hesitation as a suggestion to break into the shop and occupy it for a few days. Wichman could not condone this interpretation but didn't discourage the group either.

The entire group ventured to the pawnshop which they stealthily opened despite a few botched rolls to try and appear cautious. Otto began to try and remove wall boards in order to be able to spy on the house of Kautsky. In the meantime, Dieter and Mira kept an eye on the alley through the back door. A short while after they arrived Dieter noticed a man arriving at the shop, who he had noticed before as part of the city guards in Reikerbarn Bezirk. Otto tried to remove a board on the wall next to the shop section of the house of Kautsky but failed critically and unfortunately misjudged how tight the nails on the board were fastened. He made a large sound and alerted the people next door. Mira saw the man leave the shop and alerted the others. Otto sprinted around the block to try to intercept him but unfortunately could not intercept the guard. When he came back a large argument broke out as the group tried to figure out if they should stay or leave before the city guard would inevitably arrive.

Konrad had at this point had enough and picked up his hammer with a determined look on his face. He walked out the back door into the alley and burst in the door to the house of Kautsky. He shocked the old shop keeper and immediately began accusing him of heresy. Konrad insisted the shop keeper revealed what they were doing and how he was involved with a murderous cult. He pushed the man aside and looked behind the curtain blocking the door to the backroom. There he found only a sleeping room and nothing incriminating which could reveal the workings of the cult. As he turned his attention back to the old man and reached for him, the old man proved to be very fast and sprinted out the door. Despite his best effort he old man quickly vanished in the crowds.

Now the group gathered up and quickly began investigating the shop. They soon discovered the trapdoor under the floormat in front of the curtain, which revealed the stairs down to the hidden basement. The walls of the stairway were covered in strange symbols including the symbol which Dieter had seen on his boat several days earlier. At the bottom, they found a reinforced door also covered in strange symbols. Konrad and Otto forced the door open and they entered the ritual chamber of the cult of the purple tongue. When they had taken in the sight they the curtain opposite the door was pulled aside as four people who seemed to be dead walked towards the group with murder in their eyes.