Masks of Tzeentch #11


We started the session with a short recap of what had happened since we last played since we had been away from the table for some time. The players started by trying to find Dieter's brother, who they had meet a few sessions back. Dieter wanted to confront his brother and prove that he was a part of the cult they had just defeated. The others in the group were not convinced of this accusation but they decided to at least help Dieter with finding his brother and to see if there were any signs of his involvement with the cult. They soon learned that his brother had left the city on a business trip to Nuln shortly after they had destroyed the cult, this seemed like an unlikely coincidence so the party gave more merit to Dieter's accusation.

Now they decided to look at their own plans for continuing the investigations of Reingard and decided that the most immediate leads pointed to Nuln as well. They then made plans for their travel and Ludwig drafted a lengthy budget for the trip which he presented to the layer Wichman Leichlin and had a long discussion about the items on the list. In the end, he managed to convince  Wichman to pay for several of the items on the list so the party would be secure on their journey to Nuln.

Meanwhile, Mira had journeyed into the wood to speak with her mentor, an old enigmatic crone, who had been teaching her the ways of hedge magic. She asked about their experiences with the cult and inquired about the headband they had found, which was created from a strange gray metal which none of them had seen or heard of. The old crone explained the ways in which the dark sorcerers used magic and stressed to Mira that she needed to take care not to follow this path. In regards to the headband, it was an elven design and after spending the day investigating it she found that it gave the wearer some additional protection against mental treats. This was a unique find and very valuable for a person such as Mira.

We have decided to leave the campaign for some time during these times as it has been hard for us to get the group together and play. We will see if we get back to it once times are more normal and the world is hopefully not being hurt by the virus.

- Spoilers -

The headband was the "Headband of grey metal" which I presented as an elven artifact. In my campaign, it grants the wearer a +5% bonus to Willpower as a fixed bonus. I decided this was more appropriate than the protection from a certain monster in the game and since I haven't fully planned out the later stages of the campaign it was hard to say which monster I would substitute the Nodens for.