Masks of Tzeentch #10


Our tenth session started after a good night's rest, where the heroes could sleep safely knowing they had helped remove a cult of the ruinous powers. As they meet up the next day they discussed their next steps and what they still needed to do. They had several leads out of the city but they still needed to free Hartmut Fellerer from prison before they were done to move on. Before they could free him, then needed to find a way to prove that the city guard in Reikerbarn Bezirk was corrupt and in league with the cult of the purple tongue. The heroes decided to find the city guard they had seen go into the shop the previous day and who had fled the shop when they had tried to create a hole through which they could listen in on the conversation in the shop. So they gathered their things and ventured into the Bezirk once again in disguises which were of dubious quality.

They managed to identify the guard who had visited the shop and traced him to his home. But during their search, they accidentally awoke the suspicion of an elder lady who knew the guard (Heinrich), and who sent a young street urchin to warn him about the fact that an armed group of people was looking for him. As the heroes were trying to question Heinrichs wife about his whereabouts, a group of eight city guards including Heinrich arrived to confront the party. The sergeant in the group inquired about the party's reason for seeking out Heinrich and he was not interested in their claims that Heinrich had been involved with the cult. In the end, the heroes managed to convince the sergeant that they needed to talk to Lubin Erlach about the affair and then they were escorted to the headquarters of the city guard in Reikerbarn Bezirk.

Lubin Erlach proved to be a clever opportunist and when he was presented with a possibility for getting a part of the credit for having destroyed the cult he immediately went for it. Otto proposed that the city guard had been working with Hartmut in order to gather evidence of the cult's activities and now that the cult was destroyed they no longer needed to keep him in jail as part of the ruse. Erlach agreed to write a statement of release if the Reikerbarn city guard got credit for the investigation. After they had received the letter of release the sergeant escorted them to the prison where they delivered the letter and could receive the confused Hartmut Fellerer when he was released. The heroes quickly briefed him on the deal and he reluctantly accepted the conditions. They helped him return home and were happy to see the reunion between Hartmut and his family.

That evening they began planning the next step in their investigation of Reingards quest. They agreed to try and get some resources from their layer Wichman Leichlin for a trip to Nuln to investigate the leads there.