Masks of Tzeentch #3


This session started with Ludvig and Dieter walking through the lower class district headed for the house of Kautsky (The juju house). They were determined to follow the lead from Emerson importe. They found the address and ventured into the closed space which houses the shop and entered the crowded space. Inside they were greeted by the old shop keeper who inquired about their business. During a short conversation, Ludvig and Dieter learned two things. One, the shop keeper had properly not spoken to Reingard, and two he seemed to be stalling for some reason. They left the house of Kautsky and found a place in the vicinity where they could stake out the entrance for a few hours. By the end, they had noticed a black-haired woman who seemed to also be watching the location. When they tried to follow her to find out who she was they lost her in the crowds of the busy lower-class district. Ludvig and Dieter headed for the inn where they had agreed to meet up with the others from the group and while they were heading there, they noticed that they were being tailed by a couple of dockworkers.

They arrived at the inn and joined up with the others. Konrad and Wilham tell the group about their findings in the library of the occults and about the believed extermination of the cult of the purple tongue. Otto and Mira had been able to dig up a number of rumors on the missing Scharf expedition, which seems to have perished somewhere in the border princes. Volkhard Scharf's sister Erica had tried to find her brother and returned home after the remains of the expedition had been found. She had taken over the family estate and business, which Dieter could tell the others had flourished since then. Ludvig and Dieter told their story and shared that they had been followed to the inn, so the group decided to split up before leaving the inn. They would meet the next day by the temple of Moor where Reingard was being buried.

As Ludvig and Dieter left the inn they quickly found themselves followed again by a single Dockworker. They decided to surprise him and find out what he knew and why he was after them. They jumped him in a dark alley and tried to get him to speak. The dockworker refused to talk about why he was following them and after some struggle which resulted in a fistfight they knocked out the guy. As they were trying to decide what to do they were hailed by another group of workers. Ludvig tried to convince them that he and Deiter had been the ones attacked but did not succeed in convincing them and they both had to flee into the night.

The next morning the group gathered at the temple of Moor in the light morning snow. There were only a few people at the ceremony and after it was over the group was approached by three of the attendees. The first introduces himself as Diethard Kroll, Reingard's publisher, and old friend. He asked the players to come visit him at his office at the Prospero publishing house one of the coming days. Since he had spoken to Reingard just a few days before his murder and Diethard wants to talk about Reingard's latest research. The other two are Wichman Leichlin and his assistant Willa Sligh who was Reingard's lawyer during recent years. Wichman also asks the players to visit his office as he will be reading the will of Reingard and they will be involved in affairs.